Announcing the Risk KAN: Compound Events networking group

The motivation for the "Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events", a.k.a. the Risk KAN, is that complex, interacting, and poorly understood risks related to extreme weather and climate events endanger the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The KAN is therefore imagined as a hub for sharing ideas and opportunities across countries and disciplines, with the aim of incubating projects that identify and better understand the root causes of these risks. The KAN includes multiple dimensions associated with extreme weather and climate events, from paleoclimatic and modeling evidence, to infrastructure and insurance systems, to compound events. Within the overall KAN are sub-networks for each of these focus areas.

The Compound Events group is still spinning up, but already comprises several dozen researchers spanning career stages and disciplines. Our objectives are for the group to serve as a directory, bulletin board, idea-exchange space, and social network (e.g., through meet-ups during conferences). All information is posted on our master spreadsheet. If you're interested in staying connected, please add yourself there, join the general Risk KAN mailing list, and keep an eye out for more developments under this initiative!

on behalf of Colin Raymond and Kai Kornhuber, lead organizers