Case Studies

The scientific network developed through the Action will reach out to and collaborate with a network of stakeholders for whom Compound Events are important in decision making. Working Group 2 and 5 join forces to identify a number of case studies that couple scientists and stakeholders in the research of concrete and timely challenges. So far, seven case studies are conducted or associated to the action.

These initial case studies act as demonstrations of how stakeholder interaction can work, conversely of the benefits of involving stakeholders. They also act as examples to generate more case studies. We are looking for further case studies focusing on compound weather and climate events' modelling. If you are interested in any aforementioned case, we encourage you to contact us or to write directly to the lead person.

Case Study 1: 2018 summer and 2019 spring droughts in Lithuania
Case Study 2: April-October 2017 heat-drought-cyclone event at Iberian Peninsula
Case Study 3: Future renewable power generation in West Africa
Case Study 4: Protecting the Baltic Sea from untreated wastewater spillages during flood events in urban areas