Call for abstracts: Compound event session at EGU2019 organised by DAMOCLES

We are excited to invite submissions to the session "Understanding and modelling compound climate and weather events and their impacts (NH1.3/AS4.49)" at the EGU General Meeting in April 2019. This session, organised by DAMOCLES, aims to bring together climate scientists, impact modellers, statisticians, and stakeholders to discuss Compound Events, share their findings and connect to the Compound Event community. 

Abstracts will be accepted until the 10th of January 2019 and should be submitted through the official EGU abstract submission system. More information on how to submit an abstract can be found here.

The session will focus on the following topics:

  • Synthesis and Analysis: What are common features for different classes of Compound Events? Which climate variables need to be assessed jointly in order to address related impacts? How much is currently known about the dependence between these variables? 
  • Stakeholders and science-user interface: Which events are most relevant for stakeholders? What are novel approaches to ensure continuous stakeholder engagement?
  • Impacts: What are the currently available sources of impact data? How can they be used to link observed impacts to climate and weather events?
  • Statistical approaches, model development and evaluation: What are possible novel statistical models that could be applied in the assessment of Compound Events?
  • Realistic model simulations of events: What are the physical mechanisms behind different types of Compound Events? What type of interactions result in the joint impact of the hazards that are involved in the event? How do these interactions influence risk assessment analyses?

We are looking forward to your submission and attendance at the session!