Early Career Researcher (ECR) of the Month (May 2024) – Richard Leeding

By Lou Brett, University of Strathclyde

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Our Early Career Researcher (ECR) of the Month for May 2024 is Richard Leeding! 

Richard is currently in the final stages of his PhD at Uppsala University, Sweden. Richard’s research topic explores large-scale atmospheric dynamics that result in co-occurring North American cold extremes and European wet and windy extremes. 

Richard’s recent work found that cold spells over different North American regions are associated with large-scale atmospheric patterns that strengthened the jet stream in the vicinity of the cold spell but produce differing upper-level wind anomalies in the East Atlantic. These, in turn, modulate the regional distribution and characteristics of extra-tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic and Europe and give rise to increased frequencies of extreme wind and/or precipitation in specific European regions. He also found an increase in the number of extra-tropical cyclones undergoing explosive cyclogenesis during cold spells.

If you are interested in reading this paper, please find the links beneath:

Modulation of North Atlantic extratropical cyclones and extreme weather in Europe during North American cold spells (2023)-https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wace.2023.100629 

Thanks for reading! 


Post edited by Pauline Rivoire. Photo credits: Pauline Rivoire (top image), Richard Leeding (portrait).