Early Career Researcher (ECR) of the Month (Mar 2024) – Henrique Moreno Dumont Goulart

By Lou Brett, University of Strathclyde

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Our Early Career Researcher (ECR) of the Month for March 2024, is Henrique Moreno Dumont Goulart!

Henrique is currently in the final stages of his PhD at Deltares and IVM-VU Amsterdam. Henrique’s research topic explores storylines of high-impact water-related compound events and risk assessment under climate change.

Henrique’s work lies in helping to bridge the gap between climate sciences and (water-related) impact sectors, such as simultaneous crop failures and compound floods due to storms. His most recent work analyses the different ways that an extreme event (Hurricane Sandy, 2012) could have impacted a given place by exploring different climate scenarios, including climate change and internal climate variability. For that, Henrique used storylines in an extensive modelling framework, linking climate information to actual impact estimation.

If you are interested in reading this paper or Henrique’s other recently published research, please find the links beneath:

Increase of Simultaneous Soybean Failures Due To Climate Change (2023)- https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2022EF003106 

Compound flood impacts from Hurricane Sandy on New York City in climate-driven storylines (2024)-

Post edited by Pauline Rivoire. Photo credits: Pauline Rivoire (top image), Henrique Moreno Dumont Goulart (portrait).