Workshop in Karlsruhe about the future of the compound events community - The CompoundNET and future directions

by Katharina Küpfer, KIT

In November 2023, about 30 researchers from 21 research institutes across Europe and the world gathered in Karlsruhe, Germany for a workshop, hosted by Alexandre Ramos (KIT). After DAMOCLES came to an end in March 2023 (see earlier blog post), the primary goal was to define the way ahead in Compound Events research. The workshop resulted in a comprehensive agenda with an ambitious roadmap for the next years regarding scientific events as well as enhanced science communication.  

Kicking off with an outline on the state of the community within compound and multi-hazard research, all participants were brought up to speed on the community evolution from its beginnings to its current state. This was followed by many different engaging pitches by participants on scientific ideas, e.g. model evaluation or complex disaster risk types, for the future development of the Compound Events field, as well as pitches on existing and potential organizational formats.

New directions in Compound Events research

After an inspiring dinner with lots of room for updates and networking, the workshop continued on Day 2 with a discussion about new possible directions in Compound Events research. Within several breakout groups, different topics were discussed with respect to Compound Events, such as impact data, testing and validating models, bias adjustment methods, prediction approaches and communication of high-risk climates and events. 

Future organization of the community – Workshops and Science Communication

One breakout group dealt with future workshops and conferences – many different workshops, summer schools and even conferences were planned and lead persons identified, with a timeline ranging from late 2024 to 2026 and locations all over Europe. This paves the way for numerous exciting scientific meetings targeted towards different aspects of Compound Events soon to come. Stay tuned!

Another group focused on scientific communication and assigned roles for website coordinators, co-coordinators as well as an Early Careers Board. Communication channels and the structure of our website were discussed as well as plans made for future blog posts.

A new name and logo for the community – fostering science communication and network building

A new name was sought for the Compound Events community following the conclusion of the DAMOCLES Cost Action. In a dynamic workshop discussion, numerous ideas were passionately brainstormed and thoroughly discussed. The best ideas were put on X (formerly Twitter) for a poll – and we have a winner: CompoundNET (Compound Events NETwork)! A new logo was also created, which completes the new shape of CompoundNET:

Although an unexpected train strike forced many many participants to leave early, the workshop ended up being a full success. We now have a clear picture of what lies ahead for CompoundNET with many promising scientific events, improved science communication and even a rebranding. 

How to stay connected

On further news, we are also now present on Bluesky Stay connected via X, Bluesky and this blog for CompoundNET updates. Additionally, follow the Risk KANkan website, mailing list, newsletter, and webinars:

We are looking forward to the next years, together with your participation!


Post edited by Christoph Sauter, Pauline Rivoire, and Andreia Ribeiro. Photo credits: Svenja Christ (top image), Katharina Küpfer (bottom image).