Inter-journal Special Issue on compound events

We are happy to announce the inter-journal Special Issue (SI) on compound events in the EGU journals HESS, NHESS, BG and ESD. By including these four journals, this SI will cover research on compound events in a wide range of disciplines within Earth system science. 

Compound weather and climate events refer to combinations of multiple weather and climate drivers and/or hazards that lead to potentially large impacts. Compound events encompass a highly diverse set of events including concurrent climate extremes but also an array of nonstandard high-impact events. Consequently, research on compound events requires expertise from a variety of disciplines such as climate science, hydrology, impact modelling, engineering, and statistics, among others. The European COST Action DAMOCLES provides a platform for compound event research and for generating synergies between the different research domains. This inter-journal special issue will serve as an outlet for the work within DAMOCLES and aims to advance our understanding of different aspects of compound events, including present-day and future risk assessments of such events, modelling of individual compound events, bottom-up approaches to identify new types of compound events, and novel model evaluation techniques. It is open for all submissions within its scope. 

Submission for this SI will be accepted from 1.3.20 onward, and the SI will be open until 28.2.21. Make sure to select the correct special issue during the registration process of your submission.. 

Please refer to the Aims & Scope of the participating journals to see which journal is the best fit for your work: HESS / NHESS / BG / ESD

All papers will be open access.

This SI complements the ongoing SI in the journal Weather and Climate Extremes, which has a focus on the weather and climate elements that contribute to compound events.