Compound Events at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

This December's AGU meeting in San Francisco, USA has (tentatively) several sessions related to compound events:  

GC022 - Correlated Climate Extremes: Drivers, Mechanisms, and Risks

(Conveners: C. Raymond, K. Kornhuber, R. Horton, J. Zscheischler)

Invites contributions that broadly involve correlation among drivers or impacts, divisible into three categories: (i) compound extremes (multiple variables, same time and place); (ii) concurrent extremes (same time, multiple places); (iii) sequential or persistent extremes (multiple times, same place).


GC020 - Compound weather and climate extremes: Mechanism, predictability, and projection

(Conveners: J. Yoon, S. Wang, H. Kim)

Welcomes abstracts examining the dynamical processes underlying rapid successions of extreme events, of the same or different type.
  GC013 - Climate-Hydrology-Human Interactions and Their Implications on Hydroclimate┬áExtremes in a Changing Environment (Conveners: X. Yuan, M. Pan, N. Wanders, Z.-L. Yang) Abstracts should address multi-scale processes of hydroclimatic extremes and their interaction with human factors to create risk.  

GC012 - Climate Extremes: Patterns, mechanisms and attribution

(Conveners: C. Funk, S. Herring, D. Mitchell, A. Hoell)

Invites abstracts advancing physical understanding of water-cycle extremes across weather-to-climate timescales, especially via theory or modeling.