Compound Events at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

This December's AGU meeting in San Francisco, USA has (tentatively) several sessions related to compound events: NH013 - Concurrent, Consecutive and Cascading Events: An Emerging Challenge for Risk Assessment and Management of Natural and Natech Hazards (Conveners: A. Sebastian, M de Ruiter, I. Gidaris, J. Mysiak) Welcomes abstracts on concurrent, consecutive and cascading hazard events and their impacts. It aims to showcase current research and foster broader knowledge exchange between scientists and practitioners across multiple hazard communities and disciplines  

GC022 - Correlated Climate Extremes: Drivers, Mechanisms, and Risks

(Conveners: C. Raymond, K. Kornhuber, R. Horton, J. Zscheischler)

Invites contributions that broadly involve correlation among drivers or impacts, divisible into three categories: (i) compound extremes (multiple variables, same time and place); (ii) concurrent extremes (same time, multiple places); (iii) sequential or persistent extremes (multiple times, same place).


GC020 - Compound weather and climate extremes: Mechanism, predictability, and projection

(Conveners: J. Yoon, S. Wang, H. Kim)

Welcomes abstracts examining the dynamical processes underlying rapid successions of extreme events, of the same or different type.
  GC013 - Climate-Hydrology-Human Interactions and Their Implications on Hydroclimate Extremes in a Changing Environment (Conveners: X. Yuan, M. Pan, N. Wanders, Z.-L. Yang) Abstracts should address multi-scale processes of hydroclimatic extremes and their interaction with human factors to create risk.  

GC012 - Climate Extremes: Patterns, mechanisms and attribution

(Conveners: C. Funk, S. Herring, D. Mitchell, A. Hoell)

Invites abstracts advancing physical understanding of water-cycle extremes across weather-to-climate timescales, especially via theory or modeling.